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3rd Collection Inspo

I was deeply inspired by Greenery, the jungle, and it's rich earth tones, textures, and prints. For months I have been researching safaris and watching Planet earth on the Netflix. It's funny, because I was never into prints before.. But Being in a space alone where your mind can run freely, gave me a sense of freedom to explore things that I never would've thought of before. It is such an amazing thing to allow your mind to create exactly what it feels without being tarnished by anyone or anything. I allowed myself to dig deep through any type of pain I may have been experiencing to create this collection. I feel as though, creatively, I am just hitting the...

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Merlot for the win

I am a lover for Fall season... The weather change and colors, cozy nights in by the fire place. Scents of fresh pumpkin spice... knowing the holidays are right around the corner.. It is a wonderful time of year. Which is why I decided to add a rich color to the Bare bodysuit.. Merlot. It suits up the change of season perfectly. Goes well with all skin tones. you can't go wrong with the design or color. Enjoy! With Love, Rocc  

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